Water Intrusion

What is Water Intrusion?

Whenever moisture penetrates the structure of a building without dissipating, the result is rotting wood and damage to other materials, as well as mold. Whether your structure is wood, vinyl siding, wood siding, brick, stone, or stucco, moisture intrusion can occur.


There are Numerous Causes of Water Intrusion

  • Improperly sealed door and window trim, joints, and mullions
  • Missing or incorrectly installed flashings
  • Stucco, siding, or insulation that extends below the ground
  • Improper drainage at the foundation
  • Any unsealed holes or joints at fixtures or utilities
  • Incorrect insulation or ventilation of roofing systems
  • Extensive or extreme weather events
  • Lawn irrigation systems
  • Improperly sealed chimneys
  • Improper or no roof to wall termination flashing systems

What Can You Do About It?

Call Hunerberg Construction

We will do an initial inspection of your building and recommend moisture testing companies we’ve partnered with and trust.

After you receive the test results, you can decide whether or not you need an attorney to represent you in court or mediation as you seek monetary damages.

Protect your rights in writing

Document everything. Obtain dated copies of all pertinent receipts and documents that might help you. Have a meeting that includes everyone possibly involved in your case: a Hunerberg Construction representative, your lawyer, the moisture testing company, the homebuilder, insurance company representatives, a building inspector, and a structural engineer, if needed.

Obtain multiple

Get an estimates and design ideas from at least three contractors using the same project requirements for each one. That is the only way to guarantee that everyone is bidding on the same scope of work.

Proceed as quickly as possible, so warranties do not expire.

Begin work as soon as you can

Get the work started to stop any further structural damage.

It may even be necessary to start work before your case is settled. The legal system doesn’t always work very fast. The longer you wait, the more internal damage may happen to the structure of your home or business. Because this can affect the health of anyone in the structure, you don’t want to extend your starting date.

Test Once the work is done

Once the work is completed, have another moisture analysis test done to confirm there is no longer any water intrusion. Make sure the contractor you have chosen gives you a warranty on their work. Now that your home or business is back to its original condition and the financial value of your investment is restored, you can get back to enjoying its comforts.

Do you have a moisture intrusion problem?

Contact us for a consultation. Since Hunerberg Construction oversees every aspect of the project, we can assure you of complete quality control, and we will stand behind our work.